Mindful Marketing for BreathWorkers with InnerLight

Market Yourself Less,
Breathe More

We help breath workers like you promote your services to your dream clients with mindful marketing so that you can focus on what you do best and earn a reliable income from your classes, retreats and courses.

Slow Down And Catch Your Breath

Why not let a team of seasoned marketers help you navigate the online world, automate some of the tasks that you hate and scale your conscious business growth so you can have more time to actually practice what you preach… or book that villa in Mexico for the summer.

Conscious Marketing for BreathWorkers

A journey designed to boost your
breathwork practice

Ever feel like you need to choose between being spiritual and highly-profitable (or super successful?) That one state must cancel out the other?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs find it difficult to bridge the gap between these two worlds.

But the truth is, you need to thrive in both realities if you want to have a bigger reach, make more of an impact and connect with people who really need you.

Because here’s the next #truthbomb: you playing small serves absolutely NO-ONE.

So if you’re struggling to take your business to the next level because of your “awkward” relationship with money, or because you have a common, yet crippling case of Imposter Syndrome – we’ve got your back.

We can help you work through any limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your success, and also create a clear plan on how to elevate your business and life to places you thought was only possible in your craziest meditation visualizations.

Do you wake up most mornings feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list… or like you’re being pulled into a million different directions?

We get it. When you’re your own boss, you need to not only be an expert in your field, but a mindful marketing wizard, social media personality and sometimes a content creator too.

No wonder you feel stressed or have the “I don’t have enough time” mantra playing on loop!

Take a sigh of relief as our team of experienced marketers will guide your vision and help you get crystal clear on your goals and purpose.

We’ll also do an audit of your existing marketing plan and work with you to create achievable and exciting goals (side benefit: this will also reduce the overwhelm and procrastination!).

Marketing Strategy for BreathWorkers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Want to attract more people who want, need and LOVE what you have to offer?

And to grow a customer base of raving fans that truly understand the value of what you offer?
But… is it super important to you that it’s done in a way that feels aligned with your purpose and values?

Guess what? We want all of that too!

Our team of conscious marketers will help you grow and nurture your tribe so they genuinely want to open your emails, engage with your content, and say “Hell yeah, where do I sign up!” when you make them an offer.

Do you love hosting retreats in exotic locations… but hate stressing over how to fill them?

Or have you just created an online course but have ZERO idea how to actually sell the thing?

We can create and help you implement a marketing strategy that holds your hand right from the initial idea conception… all the way to project launch off!

Our creative team will do the marketing heavy-lifting for you and create materials that hit the mark… and what’s more, we’ll make sure that they’re put in front of the right eyeballs.

The end result? You can fill up your classes and retreats with more ease, and sell your online courses with less stress. Ohhhh yeah!

Business growth can be exciting – but it can also lead to more screen time and less time to do the things you love, such as sharing your gift with the world (and let’s face it, sleeping!)

This is especially true if you’re running the entire show, or have yet to master the fine art of delegation… minus the micromanagement (ahem).

But here’s the deal: if you want to grow or make a bigger impact – you need some breathing space to innovate.

If you’re running yourself into the ground because you’re doing all-the-things you’re not going to have the energy (or health) to take your business or life to the next level.

We can help you claim back your time by automating and streamlining the tasks that are weighing you down or that can be outsourced so that your business works – even when you don’t.

Not sure where to start?

Our Promise

To Use Mindful Marketing

We get turned on by using marketing for awarepreneurs with integrity (not heavy-handed tactics) – so that everybody wins.

Personalized Marketing Plans

We create custom marketing strategies for each of our clients as no two businesses are the same.

Hands-On Service

We’re not a company made up of random freelancers – we’re a tight-knit team who work closely together to bring our clients the best results.

Honesty And Transparency

We’re not after a quick buck from your conscious business – we’re committed to creating meaningful working relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Why InnerLight

We’re a team of experienced marketers who also have our feet deeply grounded in the spiritual world.

Our mission is to help awarepreneurs like you grow, scale and make money – so you can focus on what you do best.

InnerLight uses mindful marketing practices to bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the online jungle so you can create meaningful connections with your audience and convert more customers.

Why Mindful Marketing With InnerLight?

Sell Without Sounding Like
A Late-Night Commercial
From The 90s

Does sleazy marketing make you feel kinda dirty?

We hear ya, it makes us wanna take a cold shower.

We believe marketing doesn’t need to be laced with heavy-handed tactics in order to sell.

We’ll help you promote your value so that you build the all-important “like, know and trust factor” with your clients in a way that feels authentic and mutually rewarding.

We’re Here To Help You Grow And Scale Your Breathwork Business In A Way That Feels Manageable (And Fun!)









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