Your brand archetype is

The Magician

The Magician archetype is all about exploring the universe and its place in it. They fear the negative consequences of their search, but they use their knowledge to transform lives. Magician brands focus on individuals and promote themselves as the gateway to transformative experiences. They flatter customers and encourage them to trust their instincts. These brands can be driven and healing, but also dishonest, manipulative or disconnected. Remember, always trust your instincts, and let the Magician show you the way.


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Brand voice

Wide-Ranging, Heart-Rending, Eloquent

Innate Advantage

Creating solutions that benefit all involved, Envisioning an improved tomorrow.

What clients feel

I’m compelled to experience that, I’m always on the forefront


Create a vision so unique, you live and breathe it every day.


Unforeseen drawbacks that could hinder your success.

The Magician Archetype overview

When it comes to the Magician brand archetype, you’re dealing with a visionary who’s all about creating new and exciting experiences that’ll blow your mind. They want to take you on a mystical journey, show you things you’ve never seen before, and make your wildest dreams come true. Magicians are all about knowledge, but they don’t share it with just anyone. Instead, they use it to bring their vision to life and create magical moments that’ll stick with you forever.

levels of the Magician archetype

Archetypes come in levels. The higher the level, the more advanced the brand. The lower the level, the more basic it is. Simple as that.

Level 1

Experience magical moments that mesmerize, satisfy, and transform, leaving a short-term but profound impression.

Level 2

Get ready to enter the state of flow, where your mind, body, and soul unite to work in perfect harmony towards achieving your vision and fully immersing yourself in the task at hand.

Level 3

Get ready to witness the miraculous complete manifestation of your vision with unparalleled precision.

The Magician Archetype in action

The Magician archetype is all about creating a captivating and transformative brand that offers something new and innovative. Brands that embody this archetype tend to inspire wonder, promise change, and offer a magical experience to their customers. They thrive on vision and intuition, and consumers are mesmerized by the possibilities and promise that they offer. Magician consumers are motivated by personal transformation and being a change agent in the world around them, and they are often in positions of leadership and influence. Examples of Magician brands include Disney, TEDX, and Dyson.

Example of brands that uses the Magician Archetype

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Founder at David Lahav Vedic Meditation

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Allyson Baker

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Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype
Magician Archetype

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