Your brand archetype is

The Ruler

The Ruler archetype is all about power and control. They love rules and order, especially when they get to set them and everyone else follows suit. These folks exude confidence and pride in their expertise, and they’re born leaders. But don’t let their tough exterior fool you – they’re also reliable and steady. They see themselves as the big kahunas and won’t hesitate to defend their position, fearing any potential threat to their power.


Power rules: those who have it, make the world turn.

Brand voice

Eloquent, Sophisticated

Innate Advantage

Responsibility, Leadership, Power, Status

What clients feel

Ruler Archetype clients won’t tolerate patronizing ads. They seek power and authority. Best of the best.


To manifest supremacy


Unrest and downfall

The Ruler Archetype overview

The Ruler archetype is all about gaining and maintaining control to prevent chaos. These sticklers for rules crave security and order, providing leadership and modeling the way for others to follow. At their worst, Rulers are power-hungry and ruthless, but at their best, they seek to provide for those in need.

levels of the ruler archetype

Archetypes come in levels. The higher the level, the more advanced the brand. The lower the level, the more basic it is. Simple as that.

Level 1

Taking personal responsibility for one’s life.

Level 2

Leading a family or group.

Level 3

Becoming a political or community leader.

The Ruler Archetype in action

In industries like security, finance, tech, and government, the Ruler archetype is prominent. Luxury products also draw on people’s need to feel important and safe. Brands use classical and noble imagery. Ruler brands are structured, hierarchical, and maintain orderly offices. They grow slowly by acquiring smaller competitors due to slow decision-making processes.

Example of brands that uses the Ruler Archetype

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Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Ruler Archetype
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Ruler Archetype

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