Your brand archetype is

The Sage

Your number one quality is that you get the world – I mean, really get it – and you love nothing more than sharing your insights with others. You’re a truth-seeker, a truth-speaker, and you know that knowledge is power. Keep on spreading the wisdom, my friend, and watch the world get a little brighter!


Understand the world using your smarts and wisdom

Brand voice

Fact-based, decisive, intelligent, and authoritative

Innate Advantage

Wisdom, intelligence

What clients feel

Educated, resourceful, wise


Find info, get smart on processes. Go get ’em!


Avoid deception, ditch ignorance. Stay sharp!

The Sage Archetype overview

The Sage archetype is all about knowledge and truth. For the Sage, the key to success is into collecting reliable info and chasing after the truth with everything you’ve got. Sages believe that by sharing that info with others, we can make the world a better place.

They’re super-aware, always on the lookout for misinformation, and allergic to anything that smacks of naiveté. The downside? Sometimes Sages can get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis,’ and never actually do anything with all that knowledge.

levels of the sage archetype

Archetypes come in levels. The higher the level, the more advanced the brand. The lower the level, the more basic it is. Simple as that.

Level 1

Be a hunter trying to uncover the absolute truth. Turn to specialists for objectivity and explanations. Stay focused on the prize

Level 2

Think critically, analyze deeply. Become an expert!

Level 3

Get expert status with knowledge and belief. Crush it!

The Sage Archetype in action

Sage brands are the gurus, the experts, the ones who guide consumers to the right decisions. Think Oprah, Harvard, or The New York Times. Any company that values analysis and knowledge can be a Sage. They keep it simple, no fancy schmancy stuff. Sage brands use neutral colors, but sometimes go bold to get attention.

They never talk down to their customers. it’s all about education and information. And sometimes, only the elite can be part of the club.

Example of brands that uses the Sage Archetype

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Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
Sage Archetype
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Sage Archetype

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