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Founder of Le Bohème Yoga studio


We are here with Faustine, the founder of Le Bohème Yoga studio.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and where your journey with Yoga started?


Growing up I practiced athletics and danced professionally.

I have always been into sports and physical activity but I could never cope with the idea that to excel I would have needed to turn my body and my life into a competition.

I discovered Yoga in Bali 10 years ago and from the very first lesson, I understood that this was my destiny.

It was a revelation. I cried with joy and for the first time in my life, I felt liberated.

I knew right away that I wanted to spend the rest of my life studying and teaching Yoga and Ayurveda.

Growing up, my parents taught me to eat organic, local food, meditate in the mountains, contemplate, and connect with nature. There was no television at home.

At 14 they took me camping in tepees and made me learn to build a sweet sauna, swim in rivers, and don’t eat meat. Today all this is normal, almost trendy but this was 20 years ago.

In those years I felt my parent’s choices were making me an outcast. I felt isolated and excluded.

After discovering Yoga I started meeting other yogis and I felt understood and less alone. it’s a wonderful feeling to be part of such a powerful community.

Yoga is a powerful tool for personal development.

Many people think is all about flexibility, posture, and balance. And I believe they miss the main point of Yoga.

The philosophy beyond the Yoga postures offers an incredible tool for transformation.

In my case, for example, Yoga is the reason why today I’m a mother and why I finally accepted my female body.

Yoga is an experience with no goals or expectations… when you step on the mat, the magic happens.


What was the most significant turning point in your life?


It happened 3 years ago, I felt it in my dreams and in my body, like a rush of inspiration.

All of a sudden I was completely awake, it was 2am and I didn’t stop writing until morning. It was exhilarating, the words were coming out effortlessly without hesitation.

When I finally drop the pen, something incredible was born. I called it “The Astral Greeting”, a series of healing postures with the goal of balancing the hormonal, digestive, and nervous systems.

The series contains 12 asanas, and each one is linked to an astrological sign. The practice of this series results in an increase in vitality and a deeper connection to the sacred essence.

It focuses on backbends which make it more gentle on the female body and create space between the diaphragm and perineum to release trapped emotions in your organs.

Often in Yoga, we practice series created by men. But the female body is different.

Often in Yoga, we practice series created by men. But the female body is different.

I learned this the hard way. My pregnancy was complicated and I had to completely change my practice.

I learn how to be gentle with my body and how to ask permission.


How did you find your voice and your purpose?


Who is the most influential person in your life, and how did they impact you?


The Artist I draw inspiration from is nature.

Animals, plants, stones. All the Elements of this Universe. Every person who gains consciousness inspires me.


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try to accomplish?


Write a book


Founder of Le Bohème Yoga studio

Faustine has a passionate soul, an adventurous spirit, and a bohemian nature. She discovered Yoga in Bali 10 years ago and continue practicing since then.

She combined her experience as a professional sportswoman and dancer with her experience as a commercial manager to create a unique place in Montauban, LE BOHEME YOGA.

She Graduated in Certified Yoga Alliance 500 H RYT and E-RYT 500 in reputable Alliance schools, Mysore Yoga School, and Himalaya Yoga.