An incredible life journey of Leora Leon, Past Life Regression Therapist

Leora Leon - TV host, Published Author, Divine Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist

Leora Leon

TV host, Published Author, Divine Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist


Thank you so much for accepting the interview on such short notice, you really go with the flow. Leora is a TV host, published author, and Divine Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist among other things.

Your career is filled with successes, can you tell me about yourself?


For a while, I had a show called ‘The Powers in You’. The format was interviewing people. 

I was doing the editing, the B reels, commercials, all this work. And it was good because I met a lot of people from different areas of life, but they weren’t all spiritual. There were trans-gendered people, LAPD, musicians, and an Olympic cross-country runner.

I’ve written two books. My third one is coming out, hopefully by the end of the year. The last book I wrote was a children’s book, it was about self-love, and it was number one in the category for some time. At one point I started feeling that you need social media to get your point across and to be heard. It made me nervous because I don’t really like social media.

And doing all that was hard, so eventually, I pulled away from everything. You know, as humans in physical reality, we are constantly growing, constantly raising our level of vibration. Every time that you shift up, you go through this transitional period, which I call flux, where you lose everything that you thought you knew. And you’re releasing energy from this and past lives. I’m a past life regression therapist as well. I worked with one of the foremost authorities on past life regression, and I’ve been a healer.

I’m a shaman, a Reiki master, I do channeling and all this spiritual work. And I’ve been doing it for years before I discovered past life regression.

Past Life Regression Therapist

My own experience with past life regression is a memory, not from this life, but another life. And there I was, a little Roman girl, and I had three handmaidens and I was a happy, wealthy Roman. Then I grew up, and I was a tall Roman woman, engaged to a poor Roman, that I recognized as someone from this life, a friend of our family. When he and I met in this life, even though I’m married, we had an immediate attraction. That’s what happens, you have an attraction to people from your past lives.

Another scene I had was us being married and all of a sudden barbarians appeared and they were led by my actual husband. He ordered one of his henchmen to chuck both of our heads off. And what is insane is that both I, and the friend, had neck pain for our entire lives. After experiencing this episode my neck pain was gone. So, this kind of immersive experience is a way to heal people. All of our life, we are releasing energies from our childhood, and from all of our past lives, all the way up to this physical existence.

So that’s why past life regression is such a phenomenal tool because it helps us grow.


I believe your fear of social media is unjustified. You are a natural storyteller.


Well, thank you. I love talking and I’m actually trying to figure out a way to create some kind of unification of like-minded people. It would be a center or a platform, where we could use our skills to help in a certain way. In my book called ‘The Powers in You’, I talked about this power within us. We have the power to create our reality, we create everything. But you need to promote it, and social media is so saturated these days.


I can see that you really don’t like social media. As I see things, social media is just a container that you can fill with any content you want. If you decide to fill it with hate and superficiality, will attract more of it. If you decide to create a space for love, compassion and communication will flourish in this direction.


You’re right. And thank you because you’ve broadened my perspective today. I was quite close-minded with social media, because all of the time I thought it was something very superficial.


I would like to know more about your story. I checked your website and there is an incredible amount of things that you did in your life. Can you tell me more?


I had a son who died last year. I loved him very much and I was his nurse and advocate because he had autism and had to take his medication. Even before I got married, I was into the corporate world, taking care of three, four hotels and it was challenging to harmonize everything. But the situation with my son was difficult on another level.

Also, I’ve been experiencing, you’re gonna think it’s crazy, alien visitations since I can remember. I channel their information, and a guy named Yurik from another galaxy talks to me about the different stages that we are on planet Earth.

Now, we’re in a reversal stage that is about awakening and it started in 2012, so it coincides with the Mayan calendar, but it is not the end, it is spiritual awakening. We’re all a part of the divine, and we’re on a journey to a high-vibrational utopian planet. I use this example. We start somewhere like cavemen and go somewhere like Gandhi. And in the middle, we start to awaken. Every time we raise our vibration the product is love and we’re created to balance the multiverse.

So, when my son died I went through the grieving process and it never stops. I was feeling guilty for what happened. One day I was meditating, and my son’s spirit visited me and gave me release. After that, I could start to grieve normally. We’ve all been experiencing negative energies and needed to get through them to be who we are now.


Thanks to be so vulnerable and sharing this story with me.


Yeah, I believe sharing vulnerable stories can help people. In my books, I talk about the story of my life. I did it fictional, you know, to protect myself legally, but it’s an exact portrait of my life.

In this physical reality, I went through severe child abuse, physical, sexual, and mental. Then I perpetrated the circle and went into relationships where I was again abused, and I was always trying to get out of that.

I did a lot of work on myself, finally, my career was going well and I decided to have a baby. That’s when I started getting sick and I ended up losing the kidney. Right after I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  After all this, I realized that I needed to take better care of myself.

So, I created this formula of body, mind, and spirit, but also thoughts, words, and actions. And if you follow this six-component equation, you will be able to create a better life. First is the optimization of the body, like exercising, eating the right foods, then input into your mind, like reading or listening to uplifting information, and meditation that takes you to a different place. Then you go a step further, you do optimization of your thoughts, words, and actions. And so your actions know you’re the one driving. 

The way you encounter people, you should smile and keep it in the vibration of love. Thoughts are the most difficult. I think about the Dalai Lama, he also has thoughts that probably are not all holy. I remember talking to this monk and I asked him “how do you not allow thoughts to come in?” He replied, “It’s not that they don’t come in, it’s just that I tell them that you no longer live here”. And that’s what it’s about. You don’t allow that energy. 

I created a four-week program based on this. I used to teach it, it is called, “Love yourself and change your life”, to help people get a better life., And anybody can do it because I have been through everything in this life.

I was thinking of creating a free online program where people can come in and I can read a chapter of the book and then we would talk about it.

In my book I talk about science, I talk about energy, and 95% of the book is based on science. I want people to understand the science behind who they physically are. I’m in the process right now of creating that. It’s not for me, it’s not about the money. Once a month I go to a spiritual center and I do past life regressions, and there are so many people that are lost and don’t love themselves. And they’re beautiful people. So, I am working on it, to help them.

I was thinking that I would love to do a four-day digital-detox retreat where you could come in, Thursday to Sunday and you could talk, but no cell phones, no social media, just meditation, vegan food, and you’re learning all day long. As you see I have many things I want to accomplish to make this planet a better place.

Leora Leon

TV host, Published Author, Divine Life Coach

Leora is a TV host, published author, Divine Life Coach, past life regression therapist, shaman, and reiki master.  Throughout her life, she learned to overcome any trial or tribulation that came her way. Never giving up, with determination, education, and training, she discovered the secrets to leading a happy and successful life.   Leora currently hosts a TV Show, The Powers In You and is publishing several books, “The Powers In You -The 4 Week Plan”, “Little Lora’s Animal Adventure, I Love Being Me!“, “Chakra Grounding and Connecting with Meditation” as well as her published book “A Sand Foundation“. Leora teaches many classes, such as Shaman Certification, Channeling Certification, and the educational series “The Powers In You”.